Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do You Find Hobbits Interesting?

If you like the Lord of the Rings, you'll recognize this.  If you love the Lord of the Rings, you'll need to go here.  This is Hobbiton.  That's right, that set from the movies, most recently, The Hobbit.  It's now a tourist attraction near Matamata, New Zealand.  It's summer down there right now, or at least the weather is summer like.  All of this lies only about two hours south of Aukland.

You just don't see this everywhere.  Most of the time, movies, even the really big blockbusters, take away their sets when the movie is finished.  It's very rare that something like this is left to be used for a tourist attraction.  The only other one that I know of on this scale is the one from Star Wars in Tunisia.  This is a special opportunity to see a little bit of movie history.

You don't see things like this just anywhere.  And what a great thing for Tolkien enthusiasts.  A real trip to a Hobbiton in Middle Earth.  It's a sci-fi Mecca.

Now, don't forget, there are about a million things to see in New Zealand.  This would just be the crowning glory to a really great trip.  New Zealand has some of the most amazing scenery found anywhere in the world.  It has mountains, beaches, farmland, cities, Maori culture, vineyards, and some of the friendliest people on Earth or from Middle Earth.  There are some crazy things to do like flying down mountains on a monorail in a tube, or inside of a padded inflatable ball.  You can go surfing on sand there, and hiking on glaciers.  It's a truly amazing place.
It's called Schweeb, and it's a real thrill ride down the side of a mountain.  You'll find it in Rotura.

Cape Reinga is a beautiful spot near Northland.  The beach here is full of dunes, and sandboarding is the sport here.  It's crazy and fun, and something different.
This is Zorb in Rotura.  If you ever wanted to go bouncing down a hillside inside of a plastic ball, this one's for you.
Kiwi's love their off beat and thrilling activities.  That's what I'm told and what I read in the brochures.  This is the land of the avid bungee jumper, hiker, rock climber, sea kayaker, hang gliding enthusiast, skydiver, scuba diver, and so on.  So, you will never run out of things to do.

And in Middle Earth, you'll never run out of amazing views.
So, in the middle of winter, think about visiting Middle Earth in New Zealand.  Hobbiton is there and waiting for you to come and take a walk on the fantasy side.  Take a walk through a movie and feel like you've walked into your favorite novels. Zealand

Hobbiton is a place you'll never forget, and never quite believe really even exists.

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