Monday, June 3, 2013

Just For Extreme Frontiers

Okay guys, here's my first list.  These are a few things that you shouldn't miss in NYC.

1.  Coney Island and the boardwalk.  This is quintessential  New York and Brooklyn at its most traditional.  It's home of the Cyclone, possibly the world's most famous roller coaster, the Wonder Wheel, and many others.  This year they've brought back something that I would challenge you to find anywhere else.  This time it's called Shoot the Clown, and it's a carnival game where you shoot paintballs at a human target.  It's a lot of fun and the beach is great too.  And don't forget to check out the freak show and get a Nathan's Hot Dog.

2.   Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  It's right up the street from Coney Island, and it's called Little Russia.  This place is not a tourist destination, and there are no places made up just for tourists.  If you want to try out some Russian food, Russian entertainment, and another great inner city beach, this place is for you.  Here's a tip; try out the National Night Club.  It's truly unique in a Key West meets Russia kind of way.

3.  The Brooklyn Bridge.  This place is hands down, my favorite spot in New York.  There are fabulous parks on both sides of the bridge.  On the Brooklyn side you have the neighborhood of DUMBO with all the art galleries, delis, and a fabulous river side park.  On the Manhattan side you have the South Street Seaport and all that it has to offer.  The walk across the bridge is the best way to take in the Manhattan skyline, I don't care what anyone says.  It's also the way that the people from Brooklyn had to walk home on 9/11.  That's a piece of history for you.


4.  The New York Water Taxis.  This is a great and unique way to get around.  You can catch them at the South Street Seaport as well as many other places around Manhattan.  These guys also do specialty cruises on their super yacht that go up the Hudson River, and there's one that goes around to all the harbor ship wrecks.  They also run a jet boat for a truly adventurous trip around Manhattan.

5.  Don't forget the Yankees.  If you go to one baseball  game while in the U.S.  these guys are the most famous we've got.  You can also stop off in Boston to see the Red Sox.  We mention both to keep the natives from arguing.


6.  Lost Streams of NYC walking tour.  This is just one of such things in NYC.  They are created and run by urban explorers.  These people will take you to the old subways and stations of the city.  There are a lot of things to see on this one, and it's quite historical here in New York.  It's always an adventure.

Hope this helps!
Also, check out the High Line elevated park in Chelsea, The park in China Town, and Little Italy on a warm weekend evening.  Those are just some bonuses.

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