Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just in Case You Wish To Get Out Of Rome

We've all heard of Rome, Italy.  It's one of the most famous cities in the world and it has been for thousands of years.  The thing is, when you go to a city and you don't come from the city; it can get a little crowded.  So, just in case you are out seeing St. Peter's and the Vatican, or one of the many churches and cathedrals in Rome, or climbing the Spanish Steps, or whatever; take the time to get out of the city for a while.  The place is Ostia Antica.  It's an ancient city just outside of Rome.

Ostia Antica has a Colosseum, but there's so much more.  It has everything.  There are apartment buildings, aqueducts, baths, temples, houses, streets, and everything that the Romans built everywhere they went.  It's not a huge tourist attraction like Pompeii, but it does draw a small crowd.  It's worth it to have that little window that tells us a little bit about how the ancient Romans lived.

The Romans were very advanced for their time.  The idea that there are still ruins marking an entire city is amazing.  In Ostia, you can even see the stone roads.  It's unbelievable that these people had every bit as much of a civilized lifestyle as we do now.  However, the idea of a public bath is unsettling.

This is a paradise for history buffs.  And, it's just around 30 kilometers from Rome.  The museum/park is open during the summer months from 8:30 to 6.  It cost 8 pounds for most of us, so it's not expensive.  It's one of the rare cases where you get to walk around an ancient town where no one lives.  It's a ghost town and historic at the same time.  And you can walk the cobble streets at your leisure.  You can also take a guided tour if you wish.

The beautiful part of this place is that it hasn't been lost on the locals.  There are many companies that will be happy to take you on a tour that includes Ostia Antica.  You can even hire a local personal guide for the trip.  This place is unique in that it's the one that flew under the radar.  We all know about Pompeii and thousands upon thousands of people go there all the time.  Ostia Antica is well preserved and a lot of fun to explore.

You can easily spend a day in Ostia Antica.  And why wouldn't you want to?  Italy is full of ruins and antiquarian sites.  It's just that Ostia is one of the better preserved sites, and you shouldn't miss it.  It's not Rome, but it's better.  It's the ruins without the traffic and extreme crowds.  It's the way to get away when you're in one of the busiest cities in the world.  So, get out of town and come to explore Ostia Antica.  It's one of those places that you didn't ever think of.  It's that place where life slows down for the tourist and the traffic melts away.  So, come and enjoy the antiquities of Ostia Antica.  See life from the perspective of ancient Romans.  Walk the town's streets and imagine a life gone by.

Take some time away from the regular sites and come by and check out Ostia Antica.  Seriously, it's a short drive from Rome, and it gets you away.  It's interesting to see how people lived.  Come by, check it out, step back in time, and enjoy!

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