Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pumpkintown USA

Welcome to East Hampton, CT and more of my travels throughout the state.  East Hampton is a small city on the east side of the Connecticut River.  It sits squarely on Route 66 east of Portland.  Yes, we in Connecticut have our own section of the famous highway, and it is scenic.  I highly recommend a drive on Connecticut's Route 66.  That being said, I traveled all the way over there to see this, because I was intrigued.  I'm glad I went.

Pumpkintown USA is an entire village of pumpkin people.  Sure, it appeals mostly to little kids, of which I saw many of them having a splendid time while I was there.  But, I came to see it for a reason.  This is one of the most inventive breast cancer fundraisers I've ever seen.

Sandy Peszynski was the creator of this fine fund raiser.  She was a breast cancer patient for 25 years.  She did die in 2007 after her long battle.  But, in 1993 she decided to do something to help the cause.  Pumpkintown USA has grown steadily since it's creation and the family keeps it going every year in Sandy's memory.  The price of admission is only $2 during the week and slightly more on the weekend.  They have a hayride every half hour for only $7 and slightly more on the weekend.  They also sell souvenirs in the shop.  All the proceeds from these things go to breast cancer research.  And what great timing.  They are open now through October, which also happens to be breast cancer awareness month.

Now, anyone who's ever met me knows that I don't do hay.  I'm so allergic.  Here's the great part.  When I told them that, I got to go see the part of Pumkintown that's in the woods on an ATV.  Very good hosts, these folks are.  I told them I was writing about it, so they wanted to make sure I saw it all.  Very gracious.  Much appreciated.

As I said, the attraction is geared towards young children, so the standies for pictures and the corn maze is for kids.  I can say, first hand, that the kids really like it.  There are also two shops on the property.  This is a working farm with a garden shop.  You can buy most things there that you could buy at a Tractor Supply Store, so they have great merchandise.  In the farm stand connected to Pumpkintown, they have all the produce and some really great pumpkin butter.  There are other great items for sale too.  They have scarecrows and painted pumpkins and all kinds of stuff for fall and Halloween.

Pumpkintown USA has a little something for everyone.  I am old, and I enjoyed my time there.  I believe it's not just for little kids.  It's for a great cause, and it's held in memoriam of a beloved family member.  It's a great way to spend some fall afternoon time and enjoy the season.  It's been voted Connecticut's best non-scary Halloween attraction and it's something that everyone should check out.  So come and see some cute pumpkin people, help out a great cause, and get out and enjoy the weather before it all goes wrong and winter is upon us.  Come to East Hampton and see Pumpkintown USA.  Enjoy!

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