Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drachenstadt! Im Bavaria!

Somewhere is the lovely countryside of Bavarian Germany, there is a story afoot.  It's highly medieval, and it's become a lot of fun.  The reformation sent Germany reeling against the Holy Roman Emperor, or Pope.  When they decided that they should follow the word of the Bible in the vernacular, and quit following the elaborate worship celebrated throughout the Catholic realm; many wars broke out.  At one point, a huge army was sent to attack the people of the forest.  The simple country village, Furth Im Wald suffered from these battles.  But, in the middle of it all, a legend was born; a legend of the dragon.

Bavaria was ground zero for the religious wars of the 1400's and 1500's.  Some of the worst fighting was in this region.  The Bohemians, did not wish to be told what to do by Rome.  They were done.  They weren't alone.  A lot of Europe decided that they would rather worship in their native tongues.  And while today, religion is settled, the legend of the dragon lives on.

The dragon is an integral part of Furth Im Wald.  He even has his own museum. The legend goes that the dragon wreaked havoc on the village and the only two people who could rid the village of the vicious beast were the young lady of the Castle Furth and a fearless Knight, Udo.  How did they fulfill the prophecy and slay the dragon?  Well, if you want to find out, you must come and see.

Every August is the festival where they spear the dragon.  The people of the village reenact the invasion of the Dragon and how they took care of the problem.  Being a Bavarian and slightly medieval looking town just adds to the mystique and the fun of the entertainment.  While in town, you will enjoy many of the other great cultural and performing entertainments.  You can see traditional arts and industry in the town like metal working and such. There are live performances of what we in America would call fables.  There's food and of course, bier.  Bavaria is known for it's beer.

Furth Im Wald is a fabulous Bavarian village located along the Czech border between Nuremburg, Munich and Prague.  It's a great country getaway.  It's a lot of fun during the more visited time of Oktoberfest, but in August; this place is fabulous.  It's set up for tourists, so you will find it on guided tour lists.  You will also find a good variety of accommodations and restaurants.  The people are friendly, the arts traditional, the drinks plentiful, and the dragon amazing.

While the dragon has been slayed every August for over 500 years, these days he is a technical wonder.  The dragon is one of the largest robots in the world.  Several agencies came together to create this enormous mythical monster.  He is now not only the scourge of Furth Im Wald; he is also the pride of the village.  They love to share their lore and traditions with people so come on out to Furth Im Wald in August and enjoy a one of a kind festival in the wonderful region of Bavaria.  Enjoy!