Thursday, May 24, 2012

Container Ships - The Only Way to Go

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have an obsession with the "By Any Means" type of travel.  I got into the idea while watching my hero, Charley Boorman travel from Ireland to Australia by any means he could get there.  I too, had always been interested in that kind of travel from the moment I saw "Around The World in 80 Days" as a child.  I am interested in the north.  The further north, the better.  I loved northern Russia, and Iceland was great.  So, I wanted to circumnavigate the globe around the north.  I found that there were ferries that went all the way from Iceland to Denmark and many other places.  What I didn't want to do was take a commercial flight.  My problem was how would you get from Canada to Greenland?
Well, travelers, Charley Boorman clued me in to the solution.  You can book passage on container ships.  CMA-CGM is the best known for these excursions, but there are others.  It's an alternative mode of transportation for adventurers.
I realize that cruise ships are elegant and have all the luxuries that you want while floating about on the oceans, seas, and rivers of the world.  But container ships come with beautiful staterooms, on board chefs, indoor pools, movies and other entertainment, and even workout rooms.  What they have that cruise ships do not is exotica.  These are some of the biggest ships in the world.  On board you can tour the engine room and see the massive elements that make the behemoth move.  You can tour the bridge with the captain and hear all the stories that go with a life on the sea.  It's a one of a kind experience.  It's not something that all of your neighbors have done.
Does it cost a lot?  It does reportedly cost about $80 per day on average.  However, container ships go virtually anywhere on Earth, so you can choose your destination.  You don't have to choose from a list of tours.
So, if you want a real adventure on the seas, try going with the people who work out there and not a bunch of tourists.  Take a container ship and make your trip an adventure.
Here are some links you can check into:
Enjoy the view as you sail into Reykjavik Harbor.  It's beautiful, isn't it?

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