Thursday, September 20, 2012

You've never stayed anywhere quite like Sausalito, California

It's certainly one of the most incredible communities I've ever seen.  Now, if anyone has read my blog, my books on Fiction Press, or seen My pictures on Facebook, you know that I love a great water community that isn't entirely about the beach.  Sausalito is most famous for it's fantastic historic houseboat community.  They are unique, they are artistic, they are beautiful, and if you're lucky you can rent one for the week or the month.  That's right, you can stay in one of Sausalito's beautiful houseboats, instead of a hotel.  That's what I like about this place.
 Yellow Ferry on a Fall Morning 
Check it out.  These houseboats are all available as vacation rentals.  They range from cheap to expensive, but what a way to stay for a vacation.  
 Sausalito is a beautiful little town, day or night, and it's just a ferry ride to San Francisco.   

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There are a ton of things to do in the area.  Number one for me is always the sea plane ride.  

  Sea Plane Adventures will take you on any number of flightseeing tours around the bay area.  There is no better view of a seaside metropolis than by plane, and there's no more fun plane to fly in than a sea plane.
But who am I kidding?  The San Francisco Bay area is full of things to do.
   Whale watching is a great activity.
  You can learn to sail, and go sailing.  You can also get with a tour company and go sea kayaking in a number of locations.
  At Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, you can not only sail, but you can see how the old style wooden boats are made.  It's a piece of history being preserved in the area and well worth the time to go and see.
   Then there's the Marine Mammal Center, dedicated to healing and preserving the animals in the area.  If you get a chance to spend any real time in the area, there are always ways to volunteer at this amazing organization.  You can help make a difference to at least a sea lion that's been caught in a net.
  Now, if you love art, Sausalito is a long standing artist community.  There are several galleries, most of which offer original art by locals.  Every year for Labor Day there is also the Sausalito Arts Festival that you can attend.  If art isn't your thing, but opera is, there's the Golden Gate Opera with a variety of shows for all ages.  But, if structure and architecture is your art, there's the tall ship society with their old time ships, and of course the most famous addresses in town, the houseboats.
Sausalito is a refreshing, relaxing place to spend your time.  It has one of the most amazing views in the country, it's only a ferry ride to San Fran, and there's a ton of stuff to do.  The locals are open and friendly, there's a lot of gourmet food to try out, and the night life is fun too.  This is a bucket list item, folks.  This is a chance to go somewhere and live like the locals do.  This is a chance to feel like you've come into the inner circle.  Don't miss Sausalito.

Come check out Sausalito and a whole different way of life.


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