Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Under Chattanooga

This is Ruby Falls, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  For anyone who loves interesting and beautiful caverns, it's a must see.  This underground waterfall got it's name from the way that light from above the falls reflects off of the red rocks that abound in the clay hills of southern Tennessee and Georgia.  Rock City and Ruby Falls are a great tourist attraction all year round.
But, at Halloween things get a little different.
Dreadhaven is what Ruby Falls Caverns have become this Halloween.  The Haunted Caverns at Ruby Falls are one of the most celebrated haunted events in the country.  It was ranked in the top 10 by Rand McNally. #6 to be exact.
The event runs weekends in late September and through October, and of course will be open on Halloween.  On nights of operation, the haunted cavern experience opens around 8 p.m. and goes on until about 10 p.m., 11 on Fridays and Saturdays.  The actors will put on a great interactive show during those times, and will hopefully scare the crap out of you.  It is their job after all.  The event is a three parter, so dress accordingly.  There's bus ride, there's the scary part outside, and then the haunted cavern.  You will have a good time if you like to be scared.
Ghoulies, ghoulies, ghoulies.  These guys are not for the feint of heart.  You may not want to bring the kiddies if they're not old enough to appreciate being scared.
They also tend to be a little camera shy, so save the picture taking for the ones who will come outside to have their pictures taken.  The caves are dark, and the flash just ruins it for everyone whose eyes have already adjusted to the dark.

Now, Ruby Falls is a beautiful cavern to visit.  It's one of the most colorful caverns that you'll ever see.  If you happen to be visiting the area, I recommend going to see the caverns in all their glory during the day, and then heading back to be scared to death at night.  It's a wonderful experience all the way around.
Don't forget to visit nearby Rock City at Lookout Mountain Georgia.  It's just a few miles away from Chattanooga, and it's a shame to see Ruby Falls and not stop.  This place has tons of hiking trails, caves, and waterfalls for the outdoor enthusiast.  I just had to mention it, because it's a shame to go and see one and miss the other.
   If you go to Rock City and Lookout Mountain, don't forget to take a ride up the mountain on the Incline tramway.  It's a wonderfully unique way to get a view from the mountain and it's a great ride.

   So, come to the castle and start your adventure, whether it be a tour of the caverns or a great way to scare yourself to death at Halloween.  Remember, there's only one Dreadhaven, and it's 26 stories underground at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga.


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