Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanksgiving in Its Truest Form at Plimouth Plantation

America's Thanksgiving Dinner at Plimoth Plantation
This is a beautiful Thanksgiving spread.  And this is where you find it.
This is Plimouth Plantation.  This one is for history buffs.  This is where it all started.  The very first Thanksgiving Dinner was right here in 1621.  For anyone who didn't know that the first Thanksgiving Dinner was held to celebrate a successful harvest and was shared with the local Native Americans, I'm sorry.  I realize that they don't have pageants about this in elementary school anymore.
Now, Plimouth Plantation is the beats all ends all of historic villages that are in operation to teach and remind us of our European heritage in the U.S.  There are several versions of who came here first these days, but there's no argument about the first Europeans that stayed.  That was the Pilgrims.  And visiting Plimouth Plantation for Thanksgiving is a very special event.  That's right, after all these years, they still have Thanksgiving Dinner right here in the village.
Mayflower II undersail vert

This is something that you don't see at a lot of historic villages.  This is the Mayflower II.  It was built in 1957 and sailed here from England to live its life out at Plimouth Plantation.  It was built as an exact replica of the original ship, and it's quite an experience.  You can go aboard and look around and see the abysmal conditions that the Pilgrims faced on their trip over here centuries ago.  There are both knowledgeable modern folks and folks in period dress around to show you how things work and answer all your questions about this time in what is now American History.  It actually happened before American history had been created.
  Here's another part of the Plimouth Plantation experience.  This is the Wampanoag site.  This is a replica of the Native American village as it was in 1621.  There are Wampanoag people here to help you understand their traditional ways of life.  And remember, they as a people, were there for that historic first Thanksgiving.

You can also visit the craft center and see how many of the artisans of the day way back in 1621 made the furniture, tools, and other things that were necessary for frontier life.
On certain days, you can attend services here at Plimouth Plantation.  Most of the original settlers who came here from Europe came in part for religious reasons.  Most of them wished to practice their chosen religion and were being denied in their home countries.  Coming to America meant religious freedom, and the Pilgrims were a big part of that.  When you go to services here, you will be taught about the religious practices of the time and have a window into the motives that these people had for braving the unknown here across the pond.
Plimouth Plantation is a fabulous way to learn the history of the original permanent immigrants to North America, but to have Thanksgiving Dinner with the original ideas?
Check it out.  It's priceless.  Take a step into the past and see how the original Thanksgiving Dinner really was.  Eat the food that they ate.  Meet representatives of the peoples who were there.  Take part in the one and only reproduction of the original.  It's a Thanksgiving that you won't want to miss.
Oh yes, I hear there's a very historic old rock you can visit in the area too.


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