Thursday, July 18, 2013


I just realized that I've written over 100 posts for this blog, and I thought that I would take a moment and share some thoughts on the subject.  I started this thing as a simple writing project, and I think that it's turned out all right.  I wanted to work on my writing, and I think it's gotten better.  I must say that I'm thankful to the 28,000 hits on this blog, and I hope that the interest continues.  I love writing about wonderful locations all around the world, and I will continue to travel.

I do live here on the east coast, but I am getting ready as I speak to go on a jaunt to Europe, and I do get around.  I love the outdoors, but I like the city too.  It doesn't take much to talk me into going somewhere just for the experience.  I once traveled to northern Maine just to see a moose, but I also found Greenville which is one of the greatest towns on Earth.

As far as cities go, I know everyone thinks that their city is the greatest, but I am partial to New York and Chicago.  It's probably part of my history, but I love these towns.  I can't recommend them enough.  I can't help but think that if some of the other cities would look into the dynamic that makes these cities great, they could be better themselves.  That's not to say that other cities aren't interesting.  As a traveler, I love to visit pretty much anywhere.  It's just that if I'm going to back again and again, there has to be that certain something.

Now, any fool who's ever heard me talk or read my writing, knows I love waterfalls.  I've been to 12 states and 2 countries just to look at waterfalls.  Not to say that I didn't find anything else that I liked on those trips, but they were driven by the hunt for waterfalls.  I once spent five days in the highlands of Iceland just to see a waterfall.  Yes, it was worth it.

There is that something about Europe though.  I think that it is my favorite place on Earth.  Ever since I got to sit on the wall, I've been hooked.  Europe has history, adventure, scenery, culture.  I just love it there.  It never takes much of a suggestion for me to go back.

But my main motive for traveling is the adventure.  There are villages in the Grand Canyon.  There are crashed B-52 bombers in the wilds of Maine.  There is an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.  There are icebergs sailing past beaches in Newfoundland.  There are so many adventures of so many kinds out there in the world that I can't imagine turning a deaf ear or a blind eye to them.

We only go around once.  Life is too short to waste it.  Don't spend your time on video games and watching TV.  Go out and see the world.  It's an amazing place.  Nature is amazing, whether it be at Crater Lake in Oregon...

or at Guillfoss in Iceland.  Mother Nature has done an amazing job out there, and we should be paying close attention to it.

Take the time on those layovers to discover the wonderful things there as well.  Don't overlook Cleveland.  They have a branch of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right there in the airport.
So no matter where you go, country or city, take the time to enjoy all it has to offer where you are.  There's so much to see.  There's so much to do.  Why wait?
And if you need ideas, I'm not going anywhere.  I'll have adventures for you to try out.
Enjoy!  Thanks for all the support, and I hope you continue to read!

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