Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Fairs in Southern New England

 It's fall in New England again, and that's our best season.  While most of the country has their country, county, and state fairs in the summer months, New England waits for fall.  It's beautiful here in the fall, and it's the perfect time for a fair.  Every weekend there's a fair or a festival to go to, and southern New England has them all.

We not only have the country fairs with arts and crafts, and the town fairs with all the livestock, events and rides, we also have a couple of Scottish Festivals thrown in there just to make it interesting.  And that's not all.  We have Native American pow wows, several different kinds of cultural festivals, craft fairs, and even renaissance fairs.  New England is very busy celebrating and over eating on massively fattening fair food in the Fall.

While the rest of the country is mourning the passing of summer, New England comes alive.  Most of the fun starts the end of August here in the southern regions.  Every single weekend in my area there is something going on.  We have the Terryville Country Fair followed by the Goshen Fair, followed by the Bethlehem Fair, followed by the Big E, followed by the Goshen Scottish Festival, followed by the Harwinton Fair, followed by the Riverton Fair.  That's just our regular list in the area.

But judging cows and pumpkins isn't the only thing going on around here in the fall.  This is the season when we are all fighting against the oncoming winter.  This is when you'll see the last cruise in of classic cars, the last hot air balloon festival, the last wine tasting, the last organized motorcycle ride, and and slew of walks, rides and drives for charity.  I think as New Englanders, we become busier, just before we get shut down by the cold and snow.  We love to go out and shoot a ton of pictures of the trees, eat a bunch of fried dough and smoked turkey legs, drink a bunch of warm cider, and celebrate the last days of warm weather.

We love to ride rides, get frightened at haunted graveyards, and brake out the fire pits in the back yard for one last hurrah.  It's just the way we are.  It's funny, but a lot of people I know like to spend their summers on the beach, but when that's over, they get busy running around to all the events.  Like I said, it's just the way we are.

So, come on out to Southern New England.  Or come out to all of New England.  It's at it's most beautiful in the fall.  The foliage here is what we're most famous for.  The roads are windy, the skies are their bluest blue, the air is crisp, and the events are plentiful.  Come and see what the easterners are doing in the fall.  You might just be surprised.

Come see why New England is so busy in the Fall!

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