Thursday, July 31, 2014

More of the Beach...My Style!

 It's that time of year when the caravans are clogging the highways and byways of the world.  It's that time when you see all forms of kayak, canoe, bicycle, and surfboard strapped to the roofs of every sort of vehicle on Earth.  It's that time when people are getting out to enjoy the weather before the leaves die and the cold starts for the winter.  This, in America, is what we call summer, and all of the weird things that you see driving down the roads are the signs of the season.  As you all know, if you've ever read this blog, I am not beach people.  This year I have been trying to keep my savvy and still bring some places to light for the beach people of the world.

Way back, when Germany was divided, the Soviets built themselves an airplane hangar.  This is the largest free standing building in the world.  That's in the world, folks.  This place is big.  It outdoes malls and airport terminals.  That's huge.  Anyway, the German's had to figure out what to do with this place after the Wall came down and things were once again German.  The building, originally built for dirigibles, has nearly three quarters of a million square feet in area, and you could fit the Statue of Liberty inside of it.  The solution?

Tropical Islands Resort and Spa of Krausnick, Germany.  It's not far from Berlin or Dresden, and it's a real getaway.  They have the largest wave pool in the world.  They have the longest water slide in Europe.  This is a tropical megaplex with everything that you can imagine under one stunningly large roof.  It's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It has natural light that can give you a sunburn.  It has rides, go karts, mini golf, bumper boats, botanical areas, restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping, lazy rivers, and so much more.  You could fly a hot air balloon in this place.  They do it all the time.

At night they just light the place up.  There are shows and places to hang out.  There's dancing and dining.  It's almost Vegas, and it's all in one building.  You can even camp in a tent on the beach inside.

The plants are real.  The trees are real.  The beaches are real.  The waterfalls are not real, but they are really cool.  It's a delight and it's the biggest place of it's kind in the world.  They have so much to do, that you can't do it all in a day, although it is priced the same as an average theme park for a day trip.  That's right, it doesn't cost any more than a day at Six Flags or Disney, and you can't get rained out.  You can't get too cold.  You can't be disappointed.  Seems like a no brainer to me.

A lot of the restaurants are located in the international village where they have built buildings in traditional styles of several countries like Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia.  It adds to the exotic atmosphere of the park, and they have some pretty good food, both local and Asian.  There are many things to do at Tropical Islands both for families and couples.  You just choose what you want and it can happen.



The Titanic Bouncy Slide is humorous, The balloon rides are infamous, the water slide is enormous, and the beach bungalows are luxurious.  The animals are real too.  This is a spot that's not to be missed.  This is something that no one in the family will forget.  It's fun, romantic, exotic, original, and the best way to use old Soviet stuff that I've seen yet.  You can't have more fun inside.  I'm pretty sure of that.

So, here you go beach people.   This is a beach that never closes.  You can't get more beach time than that.  It's all inside.  It's warm and tropical all year round.  It snows a lot around Krausnick, and in this dome it's always warm and fun.  It's the largest free standing building in the world, and it's a world of fun.  You can't miss this.  If you can find enough places to wear your bikini, then you haven't been here.  24 hours a day there's a beach party at Tropical Islands Resort.  Come now and enjoy they're 10th anniversary.

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