Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ten Amazing Things That Everyone Should Check Out

I've been known to do some amazing things in my life, and I love it when I have a truly great experience or see something absolutely breathtaking for any given reason.  I've talked for years about how I got to sit on top of the Berlin Wall, go to church with Pope John Paul II in St. Petersburg, tour Wielickza Salt Mine in Poland, meet the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon, and visit Piz Gloria on top of the Schilthorn in Switzerland.  But, just in case you wanted to know, here are ten great adventures and amazing sites that you may not even know about that may just pique your interest.

1.  Carhenge:  North of Alliance, Nebraska along Highway 87 at the edge of the Sandhills sits this truly American replica of the monoliths the have been attracting visitors to England for centuries.  The attraction is free and if you happen to be in Nebraska, then this is a great thing to do.  Nebraska is one of those places that is out of the way, and not overrun by tourists.  Just the idea that you would be there is some kind of adventure, so this addition will make it truly great.

2.  Cadillac Ranch:  Route 66 just screams with nostalgia for Americans.  Cadillac Ranch's iconic half buried Cadillacs are standing not far from Amarillo on Route 66 exactly where they were planted in 1974.  The best part about this attraction is that the tradition is to bring a spray can and add your own artwork to the cars.  Leave your mark and let the world know that you were there, along the way on Route 66.

3.  Armourgeddon:  England has a lot of hisotry, but once in a while they come up with something that sounds like smashing great fun.  So, here it is, paintball with real life tanks.  You take your friends and choose teams, choose tanks, and take off for the world's most massive game of paintball.  For 95 pounds you can join your friends for 2 hours of paintball.  There are other adventures with tanks too.

4.  Explor Mexico:  About half an hour's travel time outside of Cancun you will find a one of a kind park.  It's true they do have zip lines, amphibious drives, kayaking through caves and all kinds of other stuff, but here's the thing that they have that you won't find anywhere else.  It's a water slide, but not just any water slide.  You take zip lines half a mile to get to the slide.  Then, you go down this several hundred foot long mountain water slide and land inside an amazing cave.  Just in case you thought you'd seen it all in Cancun, you might have missed one.

5.  Tropical Islands Indoor Waterpark:  I've talked about this one and I still want to go.  In between Berlin and Dresden in central Germany sits the world's biggest indoor waterpark inside the world's largest free standing building.  Built to take care of dirigibles, this old hangar has been transformed into an entire resort area with shopping, restaurants, hotels, clubs, spas, and yes; a huge waterpark.  You feel like you've gone to the Caribbean when you're here, and you can go for as little as 30 pounds.  They are open year round, so it makes winter fabulous.

6.  The Qinghai-Tibet Railway:  It's the world's highest elevation train crossing sections of the Himalayas on it's way from China to the province of Tibet.  If you don't feel like climbing Everest, this is one of the best alternatives with some of the best views anywhere.  You can catch train connections to this train from all over China like Shanghai and Beijing.  The prices are very reasonable, and it's the train experience of a lifetime.

7.  Heavy Equipment Playground:  Pack your bags for Las Vegas, Nevada.  There's always something unusual there, because craziness is some of what that city is famous for.  This one is great, because you get to play with heavy equipment.  For as little as $249 you can play with these toys.  You get some training on usage and safety and then you get to go out on a big dig.  It's a lot of fun, and it's just one more great thing to do in Vegas, baby.

8.  The Nurburgring:  The NASCAR experience and Richard Petty Driving Schools and such are well known, but there's a place in Germany between Bonn and Franfurt where you can just go crazy.  You can bring a car or do a ride along in a race car.  There are a lot of things you can do at the Nurburgring.  They have a whole schedule of events for visitors.  If you love cars and racing, this is your spot.

9.  Adventure Aquarium:  What could you possibly do in Camden, New Jersey?  Well, it turns out that you can swim with sharks.  That's right, for $185 you can spend 1 hour and 45 minutes getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures.  You will spend about half that time getting instructed on how to swim and interact with the fish, but you will get to be up close and personal with wild sharks.

10.  Idabel:  I've talked about this one before too.  Idabel is a tiny submarine used by researcher and captain Carl Stanley for many years to study underwater life off the coast of Roatan Island in Honduras.  What does that mean to us?  Well, we can go for a trip in Idabel.  Captain Stanley will take tourists down on a real life submarine dive to see what the world looks like up to 2,000 feet underwater.  It is the only place in the world where you can do this, so get down there and do it.

So, there's ten more great adventures and great sites to see.  I've said it for years, if you get the chance to do something amazing and unforgettable, do it.  Sometimes you need to go because you can, sometimes you need to go because that's when it's happening, sometimes you need to go before it's too late.  Don't wait to get out there and see and do. You might miss something incredible.

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