Friday, October 16, 2015

What About Other Halloweens?

Halloween is coming so it's time to have one of those seasonal discussions.  Every year I've put things in here that people go to and do around the United States for this fun holiday.  Well, with the airfare going down, you might want to leave the country to celebrate Halloween.  This year I have some ideas of other places to go.  There are tons, and the links will be after, but here are some that really got me thinking.

1.  A Seance at the London Dungeon.  Get your ghoulies on here with a high ranking medium from the area as you get together and call up all kinds of spirits in one of the cities spookiest locations.

2.  Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Blackburn, UK.  This is something like the haunted graveyards that we all love so much in America with lots of maze like paths and actors to jump out and scare you all the way through sets and backdrops designed to make you creeped out and scared.

3.  Fear Fest and the National Diving and Activity Center in Tidenham, UK.  This converted quarry gets converted even more to scare the crap out of you at Halloween.  Once again, it is a haunted house/graveyard/quarry situation with actors, special effects, and great sets.

There are a ton of ideas for Halloween in the UK.  It seems as thought they love it just as much as we do, so think about hopping the pond for some of that this year.

4.  Bring the kiddies, because American Disney isn't the only Disney that does Halloween.  Euro Disney or Disneyland Paris has Halloween events going on all October long.  It's a lot of family friendly fun, so if you have small kids who love Disney and you need a break from Orlando, hop a flight for about the same price this season and go.

5.  Fete des Sorcieres in Chalindrey, France is a festival all it's own.  Specifically designed as a historical event, it takes you back to Celtic and Druid traditions from the times of Stonehenge and things like that.  The town is medieval looking with ancient buildings and is the perfect backdrop for something historically Halloween.

The parks are at it in places like Europa Park in Hamburg, Germany and Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.  There are rides, music, haunted tours, food and a whole lot of fun throughout the Halloween season.

Iceland is home to some great parties like Gaukurinn's Iceland Halloween Party with DJ Mobus.  It's a huge party/club event and it is a costume party.  So dress for the occasion people if you decide to party under the Northern Lights in Iceland.  Don't be surprised if the party goes out into the streets in this country, because it's a little different than the stuff you're used to here.

Now, here's one that I really didn't think about and it's close to home.  Canada loves Halloween.  They have stuff all across the country.  They don't do it up too big in the northern areas but if you want to go to Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver you're covered.  You have Screamfest in Calgary, Haunted Fort in Battleford Saskatchewan, Ghost Train in Vancouver British Columbia, Haunted mazes and graveyards and so much more.  There are Halloween events all over Canada that are great and a lot of fun.

We'll give you some don'ts.  Don't bother with Russia on this one.  There Halloween people are at war with the Orthodox Church and it's just too much of a hassle.  Avoid highly religious spots like the Middle East and several parts of Central America.  It's not that you can't enjoy some of these places.  It's just that if you are looking for places that really enjoy a holiday like Halloween, those aren't on that particular list.

So, Halloween only comes once a year.  You should enjoy it.  If you're looking for something new, the list of links that I will leave below should give you plenty of fun ideas.  I just thought that I would give you some idea of other countries that love Halloween almost as much as we do here in the United States.

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