Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There's Always Something New in Vegas

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  I've seen this sign a few times, as I'm sure we all have.  This is one of the biggest playgrounds in the world.  Over the years it has gone from adult playground only to come one and all and bring the family.  Vegas has something for almost everyone and it's constantly changing so that there is always something new to do.  They know how to get you to come back.  And it works.  I've been there multiple times just because it was time to go and see what was new since the last time I was there.  My first trip to Vegas was over 20 years ago, and at that time there was something new and big on the horizon.  They were building the Fremont Street Experience in order to bring some of that massive tourism money from the strip to downtown.  I remember the people that I was traveling with said that it was a nice idea, but that they couldn't see anyone wanting to go downtown instead of spending all of their time on the strip.

Ten years ago I went to Vegas and did all the stuff on the strip at the time, but I found myself being drawn downtown just like my earlier group had told me I never would.  These days here, I have to say downtown has made one hell of a comeback.  The place is jumping, the tourists are coming, and life is good.  So, Welcome to fabulous downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Downtown Las Vegas is the original party area of this famous playground in the desert.  The strip came to exist as a destination because of growth.  Just like any other town, the businesses coming in later moved to what was the edge of town.  But, the true history of this fascinating town is in downtown.  I love to go to Fremont Street to gamble anyway.  That's where the party is.  The people who gamble downtown are mostly there just to have fun.  They realize that the house always wins, and that they are going to lose money.  They come for the fun, and I like that.  My favorite place will always be LA Bayou, a little casino on Fremont Street right under the Experience.  This place is just a lot of fun.  The patrons, waitstaff, and everyone there have fun and it's the experience that I think most people are really looking for when they go to Vegas.  When you go to Fremont Street, you never know what you will find.  There's always the light show every hour.  You can't miss that.  It was one of the single greatest ideas that downtown ever had.  It was the Experience that really began to bring tourists downtown.  Being a pedestrian street, you see street vendors, performers and all kinds of great things.

But, there's always something new in Vegas, and now you can zip line right down Fremont Street right through the Experience.  Slotzilla will launch you on this one of a kind ride through the famous pedestrian mall.  This is brand new this year and it's something you can only do in Vegas.

Over at the Golden Nugget, one of Las Vegas' oldest hotel casinos, you can swim with the fish, or so to speak.  The Tank is what it's called and it's a swimming pool.  But, in the middle of the pool is a tank full of sharks.  It makes for a unique swimming experience.  You can also slide down a water slide that goes right through the tank.  The Golden Nugget is one of the best and oldest destinations in downtown for hotel and casino as well.

It's new, it's green, it's eco friendly.  It's the Downtown Container Park.  What is it really?  Well, there's a park, some restaurants and shops and even some sculptures.  Everything is designed from reclaimed shipping containers.  It's a great place to go and hang out  when you're staying in downtown.  It's the only one of it's kind and they also have the world's largest working fire hydrant.  Downtown is filled with new things and shopping for those who love to spend their winnings.  The Neonopolis Mall is still going and getting revitalized from it's little downturn there about 10 years ago.  There are shops and great restaurants in every hotel casino as well and all along the Experience.  Here's a tip for you.  Some of the best wedding chapels are in downtown as well, so if you're getting married while in town, this is a great area.  Check out Viva Las Vegas for any themed weddings you might want.  We did one where I was Guinevere and my husband was King Arthur.  It was a vow renewal but it was a lot of fun with our minister, Merlin.

But, if in all the tourist trap modern day nonsense you want to take a look at old world Vegas; come to Main Street Station.  That's right, it used to be the train station back in the day when people actually traveled by train.  They still have a pullman carriage in the building for atmosphere and it's a restaurant.

The casinos look like something out of an old western movie.  The rooms at the hotel are modern, but the common areas have been purposely made up to look like the old west days.  They also have a brewery that you can tour while you're in town.  They have many wonderful restaurants too.  Remember, all those buffets that you've heard so much about in Vegas have gone up in price over the years.  In most cases, the better prices on the all you can eat buffets are downtown.

So, the next time you feel the need to go and see what's new in Las Vegas, you should come downtown.  Sometimes what's old is refreshing and sometimes old gets refurbished into fabulous new.  There are things for everyone downtown, and it should not be missed.  There is now East Fremont building up as well.  There is just more to do.  There are more ways to spend money and more to see.  So, if you're tired of the atmosphere up on the strip, come downtown and see what made Vegas great.  Have dinner, party at LA Bayou, play and shop and the Container Park, swim with the sharks, and fly like a bird on a zip line right through the Fremont Experience.

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  1. I have only been to Las Vegas once but I visited both the Strip and the Downtown Fremont Street Experience and I was really surprised at how fun Fremont Street was! I thought nothing could match the glitz of the strip but it turned out to be a nice getaway with a lot of fun things to do.


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