Monday, February 15, 2016

Not the Same Old Cruises

Ah, wintertime.  It's below zero here in the wilds of the Northeast.  This is the time that everyone I know starts talking about taking a cruise.  This is the Yankee way of getting away from the cold and the snow and forgetting that they live in the most crowded, rudest, busiest, most expensive, and socially coldest place on Earth.  So, with that being said; if you take a cruise to the Caribbean like most people, you will run into them.  Save yourself!  Most people who go on a cruise dream of sitting on a beach, watching the water roll in and watching others in their swimsuits that they shouldn't be wearing.  What?  That last part doesn't suit you?  Well none of it suits me.  I've talked about cruises off and on for years, and I just delved into the Antarctic Cruise for the second time, but that cold stuff isn't always popular, and it is winter.  Enough already.

So, let's say for the sake of argument that you wish to remain warm, but you don't wish to go to the Caribbean or to Mexico.  How about Egypt?  Not only is Egypt big on the Mediterranean Cruise circuit, but Nile River Cruises are great.  Just like the African Queen but without all the drama of a movie.  You get to sail in style and see all the best attractions as well.

It's one of the most famous waterways in the world.  You can take several different kinds of cruises that go through the Panama Canal.  Not only can you go from the east coast to the west coast of the United States through this amazing feat of engineering, but you can do it on a day cruise as well.  You will in addition find that this passageway is included in several South American cruises.  There are many cruises that include the Panama Canal.

South America is where most Antarctic Cruises take off from if you want to do that.  There are also cruises in South America that don't go to Antarctica.  You can cruise all around that continent on many different itineraries with many companies.  You can cruise around the tip through the Straits of Magellan with a possible stop at Cape Horn.  You can stop off along the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro.  You can cruise the Amazon on river cruises.  You can cruise either major coast with stops all along the way.  You can even cruise around the continent and go through the Panama Canal.

One of the more exotic cruises that I know of is out of Chile and that is the Galapagos Islands Cruise.  You can experience what Charles Darwin did all those years ago first hand.  You can experience the wildlife and see the natural beauty of one of the toughest places on Earth.  This is a specialty cruise and you will be traveling with experts and having some adventures, so enjoy that.

Might I suggest Australia, New Zealand, or French Polynesia?  If you really want to stick with warm and sunny during winter then these are three excellent choices for cruising.  New Zealand is beautiful all the time anyway, along with Australia and Polynesia; but winter is a great time to visit.  The waters are beautiful and the temperatures are right.  The days are long and the hospitality is always great in these areas.  The islands of the South Pacific are paradise.  Ask anyone.  Australia has many options from cruising around their continent to cruises that take you all the way up into Malaysia and Indonesia.  The options are endless.

The Indian Ocean is another great place to take a cruise in winter.  There are cruises that go all around India.  There are cruises that go all around the Arabian Gulf.  There are tons of cruises that go all over Asia and start in Singapore.  Remember, before planes, boats are how people got around.  Today, we are returning to it for fun and entertainment.

There's no end to the places that you can take a cruise, so why stay in the Caribbean?  You can cruise along the coast of Africa.  You can cruise around the coast of China and all around Japan.  You can visit more than a dozen different countries on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.  You can cross the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans on cruise ships.  You can go with the Viking people and cruise rivers all over the world.  You can go with Windstar and help sail the ship.  It's amazing what you can work into cruising.

There's a cruise that takes you to Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores.  That's one that I would love to try.  It's very popular in the UK and word is traveling fast.  These islands have long been a playground for Europeans, and they are huge on tourism.  They also have some fascinating cultures to experience.  You can do everything from wine tasting to riding camels in the desert on this trip.  It's one of my favorite Adventures for Anyone.

So, why not take an original cruise.  Get away from the Caribbean and get out there.  You can even take a world cruise with several companies up to 180 days and see it all.  Those guys go everywhere, and when you get back, it won't be cold anymore.  There's a whole big amazing wonderful beautiful world out there, beckoning you to come and explore it.  Winter is the perfect excuse to get away, and a cruise is a leisurely way to see the world.  Just pick a direction and a cruise line and enjoy.

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