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Do You Need to Find an Alternative Way to Travel?

Have you ever met someone who traveled all the time?  Did you wonder how they did it?  Did you ask them and all they had to say was that it was easy?  Frustrating, isn't it?  The thing that you need to  know is what some alternatives are, and where to find the information about them.  Fortunately, the internet provides us with information on alternatives to traditional travel.  It's fabulous.

So, you don't want to pay the price to go with a group tour and see all the normal touristy stuff, and you don't want to go on your own and pay for all the hotels and stuff.  I get it.  Resorts cost a fortune and you don't really get to see much.  Cruises are convenient, but again, you don't get to see much.  Group tours are fine, but again, you're a tourist.  Travelers and tourists are different.  Travelers want to see the world and see how other people live and see what other countries are like and see festivals in other cultures and art and technology and architecture.  The food alone is worth the fuss.

There are a lot of things going on out there.  Timeshares are the old school.  You pick a spot, invest in a property, and for a short time each year it is your place.  It's great if you want to see the same place each year.  It's a great way for a family to hit the beach each year and have family time, but it's not the way to see the world.

Travel clubs have become pretty common.  You pay a fee to join, and you can get great deals on various resorts all over the world for really great prices.  The fees are not that steep if you have the time to make it worth the price.  Just remember, you still have to pay for the property that you stay on, it's just a lot less when you're a member.

HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb have become very popular.  This is your chance to swap houses, rent a unique property and so forth.  This is a great alternative to hotels.  I like it, because you can cook instead of go out.  You can blend in and not look so much like a tourist to the locals.  You don't have to deal with a staff for every little thing.  You get a little feel for the place that you are visiting.  Just make sure that you plan it down to the last detail and get all the information on the place that you possibly can.   Some people do lie on these sites, and you don't want to show up in a foreign country with no place to stay.

There are many ways to stay.  If you are a student, look into group trips specially for students.  Most of them offer discount prices that no one can beat, and the trips tend to last for weeks at a time.  This gives you a lot of time for a great price to really get a feel for a location.  In addition, if you do it right you can get some college credit for going on vacation.

Another great way to stay is to visit a monastery.  Here you get a blast of culture and get to visit other countries.  The monasteries aren't only cost effective, but the hosts are amazing.  You get a little culture, a little religion, and some great time to improve the soul.  You probably will help out a little, but it will make you feel great, and you will make friends that will last a lifetime on this one.

But, let's say you want to travel.  You don't just want to fly somewhere for a week or two.  You want to take off and see the world.  There are ways you can do it.  Traveling aboard a container ship is something that I've talked about before.  You can buy a room on the ship and sail way cheaper than on a cruise ship.  Plus, the ships go everywhere, and it's a true adventure.  They have recreational facilities on board and food options, entertainment and staterooms.  It's a lot of fun, and you get to see how some of the largest vehicles in the world run.

Backpacking across Europe is a time honored tradition which has turned into backpacking around the world.  If this is your choice for adventure, you might want to look into hosteling.  Hostels are famous for being cheap, clean and networked so that you can go from one to another all around the world and avoid the cost of a hotel room.  Some of the hostels are as cheap as $10 per night.  A lot of them do have shared bathrooms and some even have shared bedrooms.  Check on the details before you book.  There are networks devoted to this practice.

For over 50 years the Peace Corps has been one way to truly get out there and see the world.  You can join up for two years and live in another country doing work on behalf of the United States for other countries.  It's noble, it looks great on a college or job application; and who couldn't use a little help on their resume these days?  It is a commitment, but it is a way to really get out and go.

Volunteer vacations are great.  You get to do something spectacular, and it makes your travel cheap.  Some places will provide lodging in turn for your help.  Some places won't.  Check into the details before you book.  But the world is your oyster on this one.  You can go to an archaeological dig, or tag dolphins, or vaccinate children, or teach, or build houses.  The opportunities are virtually endless, and it's a great experience.  It doesn't look bad on a resume either, by the way.

WWOOF.  That's right.  This is Willing Workers On Organic Farms.  This organization is all over the world.  You can literally work your way around the world going from farm to farm with these guys.  You work for your food and lodging and you can finish one obligation and just move on to another.  They can all be booked through the one organization, so it's easy.  It's one of the most unique opportunities for travel that I've ever heard of.

And, you can just work abroad.  There are organizations and websites that will help you find a job in another part of the world and you can just make arrangements and go.  Pick a spot, figure out the work visas with the help of the organization you signed up with and go live and work in a whole new place.   There are all kinds of jobs, so check into it.

If you truly want to see the world, there are hundreds of ways to do it.  You could work for an airline or on a cruise ship, or with a travel service, or as a travel writer.  There are so many ways to travel that I can't name them all.  Travel is a choice.  If you've spent your entire life being told that you need to buy a house and work in an office and be a respectable adult; you've been lied to.  The world is a place of exploration.  Explorer used to be an occupation.  Think outside the box.  Live the life you desire.  See the world.  You can't take it with you, so why worry about owning it?  In the end all you have are your memories, so make good ones.  Enjoy![Exact]&utm_campaign=B%20-%20US%20Origin%20-%20General%20Travel%20-%20Exact

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