Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Take the Boat!

Summer is finally coming and what will we do with our time?  I say, take the boat.  If there's one thing that I can say about the United States of America it's that if there's a body of water around, we will put a boat on it.  It could be a river, stream, lake, reservoir, harbor, bay, or ocean.  We love the water, and we can't get enough of it.  I spend a lot of my time going on little boat rides all over the place.  One of the best known boat rides in the country is the Maid of the Mist that goes nearly all the way under Niagara Falls.  The good news about it is that if you get stuck on the Canadian side, You can always take the Hornblower Cruise.

The Hudson River has a ton of cruises.  I've talked about them, and I will probably talk about some more this year.  Between the River Rose and the Hudson River Tours, they can show you a lot of this gorgeous waterway.  You can pick up tours in Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and Hudson to name a few.

In the center of the country there are some huge rivers and there are boats to ride on them.  You can check pretty much any city along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and find a ride.  Back in the day, riverboats with paddlewheels, shows, and casinos ran all up and down these rivers.  Today, they are still cruising these waters.  Even Nashville has a paddlewheeler for you, and you will love a dinner cruise on the General Jackson.  So, whether you like the north or the south, there are plenty of river cruises for you.

Don't forget the Great Lakes.  These lakes are lined with cities that once thrived on the lakes themselves.  These cities all have boats to ride.  You can hit the major ones all along the way like Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, Milwaukee, and even Buffalo.  The best part about cruising around on the great lakes are the stories.  There is a lot of history along with a great view.  In Chicago they even have an architectural tour on the river.

If you love the coast, you can find hundreds of harbor, bay, islands, and other tours.  They literally have them all over the country from Bar Harbor, ME to Seattle, WA.  They will show you history of all kinds, marine life, ports, island groups, spill sights, fancy houses, skylines, and anything else you wish to see.  Catch one in San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Miami, Chesapeake Bay Area, Savannah, Newport, and many others.

In some places the boats run tours and are also water taxis.  It's great when you can catch a water taxi or a ferry to get you around.  When on the water, you get photo ops.  That can be a great thing for the tourist or the photographer.

No matter how you look at it, boats are a great way to get a great view.  It's wonderful to maybe have a meal, learn some history, get out in the sun, and see a place from a whole new perspective.  Whether you spend some time on America's favorite boat ride or hundreds of others around the country; take the time to take a ride.  See whales, waterfalls, skyscrapers, islands, canyons, ports, bridges and so much more.  Catch a boat this season, and see what you've been missing.  Enjoy!

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