Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall in Lake George New York

It's fall, and those in the know come to the Northeast to look at the foliage.  We have it all out here when it comes to color, but as I've said many times, we also have activities.  Lake George is a great stop in the fall.  You would think that after Labor Day, things would slow down, but not so.  There are still a lot of things to do here in the fall and it goes until sometime in October.  The leaves are really the judge of that.

It's true that my latest visit to the Lake was dreary, so the pictures aren't perfect, and it's true that I was working; but it was gorgeous.  The boats are running, there are festivals every weekend, the activities in Lake George Village are still up and running, and the leaves are beautiful.  It's important to remember that even if the resort town of Lake George doesn't get your motor running, then the rest of the area might.  Lake George is just the gateway to the mighty Adirondack Mountains.  This is one of the most scenic mountain ranges anywhere.  The granite peaks are outstanding, and a lot of them are accessible without the overnight hike.  There are tons of places where you can enjoy their splendor by tram, train, gondola, or road.  There are fabulous places to visit like Ausable Chasm and Lake Placid.  Then there are the lakes like Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Lake Placid, and Lake Champlain.  If you love nature, you shouldn't miss this show in the fall.

Then there is the history.  There are two forts in the Lake George area.  There's Fort William Henry which is right along the waterfront in Lake George Village.  They have live history for you and they even fire off their cannon.  That fort also comes with a resort hotel that has great prices in the off season.  It leaves you just up a set of stairs from the waterfront and downtown and makes your parking a lot easier.  But, for my money, the fort to visit is Fort Ticonderoga.  Sure, you have to drive to the other end of the lake, but it's one of the most scenic drives in the northeast and the Fort is fabulous.

This behemoth of a fort operated in the 1750's.  It's huge, it sprawls all over and it has a great view of the north end of the lake.  There are all kinds of demonstrations on the weekends through October.  They have cows and chickens running about and when we were there they also had horses and alpacas.  They have festivals into October and it's fun.

There's a myth that the north just shuts down and freezes over after summer.  But at Fort Ticonderoga and most of the northeast, the vegetables are still growing, the formal gardens are still blooming and the people are still celebrating the season.  The horse festival at the Fort even had live entertainment.  It was a really good time and well worth the drive for any number of reasons from the view to the great little restaurants along the way, the Teepee Gift Shop which I love to peruse and some outdoor stuff as well.

The town of Ticonderoga has a great city park with covered bridges and gazebos and such.  It looks particularly pretty this time of year with the foliage kicking in, but it also has some fabulous.  It has a great waterfall.  For any of you waterfall hunters out there like me, this is one worth going to see.  I really enjoyed it.

There are a million things to do in the Adirondack Region in the fall, and it should not be missed.  I didn't really care about the weather, although I did want more pictures.  But, the food is good, the live entertainment is still going, the House of Frankenstein is still going.  A & W Root Beer is still open.  All the mini golfs are still open.  They have a haunted house that's open all the time, so Halloween is great around there.  You can still ride all the boats and eat on all the decks as well.  It's a great time to go and see the trees, enjoy the discounts, and have some fun before winter really does come and shut it all down until spring.  Don't miss Columbus Day Weekend here.  It's truly about the last bash of the year, and the trees are the stars of the show.  Enjoy!

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