Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Celebrates Lutheranism in Europe!

Travel guides and television hosts everywhere are gearing up to follow the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the men who were at the head of it.  Martin Luther mostly, but also John Calvin.  There will be celebrations for several years, beginning this year throughout Germany and Switzerland.

If you ever wondered what the Reformation was, it was quite simply reforming Catholicism to make the scriptures and practices more available and comfortable to the masses.  Until this time, all scriptures were in Latin and the clergy of the church were quite often the only ones who could read them.  The clergy were also the ones who received communion during the services most of the time.

Martin Luther had a calling and joined the clergy, but what he did was unprecedented at the time.  He translated the Holy Scriptures into his vernacular, German so that everyone could read them for themselves.  It started a spiritual revolution across central Europe and changed the landscape forever.  It was only the start, but it was Earth shattering and by the time that Martin Luther passed, a whole new sect of religion had come to be.

This will be a great year to plan a trip and follow the Lutheran Trail and the lives of Martin Luther and his like minded revolutionary, John Calvin.  There are tons of tour companies that will take you on the whole trail or part of it.  You can also check out several television shows, like Rick Steve's.  There are many ways to learn and enjoy a trip through Germany and Switzerland, but this is the one that will stand out this year and probably for some years to come.

Wurtemburg, Germany is where it started and where Luther Ended his life.  It's a great little German town that has all of the wonders of Germany to offer, and it has a top spot on the Luther and Reformation Trails.  It's one of the spots that you will have to check out and they have festivals planned for the celebration as well.

Hamburg was another hotspot during the Reformation.  It was ground zero for a lot of conflicts between the Catholic Church and those who were challenging their ways.  Hamburg is still noted today for being a modern town with new thinking and cutting edge technologies.  They will be having celebrations during the Reformation Anniversary and are part of the tours along the Reformation Trail.

Zurich, Switzerland was home to more of the Calvinist Movement, but nevertheless are an important stop on the Reformation Trail.  While the city is noted for it's banking and high standards of living, they are part of the Protestant Reformation and will be celebrating the anniversary this year with festivals.

So, I have a lot going on.  I won't say a whole lot about this years long event.  I will be out for a while with a surgery.  I will be back, but in the meantime, check out the plethora of links that I have shared for you to learn about the Reformation and possibly plan an amazing trip to experience it and celebrate it's 500th anniversary.  There are many towns along the trail.  I've only mentioned some of the more prominent ones.  Check out the city and area schedules for festival dates and times.  Get a hold of a tour operator that is offering a guided tour.  I don't take them often, but this is one of those times.  Make your arrangements now, because the anniversary actually starts later this year, but it will be hard to make arrangements if you wait too late.  So, come and see Germany and Switzerland through the eyes of the reformers that made them who they are today.  Come and celebrate this year's 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the works of Martin Luther and John Calvin.  Come and be a part of history and enjoy!;label=yahoogemini-city-hamburg-QFQcwwLOUVBPkFiVjdiP0w&utm_source=yahoo-gemini&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Germany-Hamburg---UFI--1785434&utm_term=hamburg-germany-e

I will be back soon and will have more to tell you about out there in the world and more reasons why you should go out and see it.  See you soon, Enjoy!

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