Monday, July 17, 2017

Come and Visit the Ghetto in Rome

There are so many things to see when in Rome, Italy; that it's hard to believe that there could be anything that is missed on a regular tour.  Surprise!  The Jewish Ghetto is highly overlooked by the tour companies that are always vying for our attention.  I reality, the old Jewish Ghetto is a fabulous up and coming neighborhood with great food and modern accommodations and art.  There is still a lot of history in the neighborhood to look at as well, and that makes this a great find that flies under the radar of the masses.

Rome is an ancient city, and the ruins of ancient Rome are everywhere.  Taking time out to see the Ghetto and Travestere won't keep you from seeing ruins.  The Jewish Ghetto of Rome is the oldest Jewish neighborhood in Europe and dates back before the time of Christ.  The Jews and Christians lived peacefully in the area for centuries.  The neighborhood has gone through all kinds of times from times of flourishing, like now; to times of great turmoil, for instance, during WWII.  It still stands strong today and is reinventing itself again with great restaurants and high end housing.  What you don't find a lot of here is tourists.  That's why it's a great place to visit.

If you like architecture, this area has something for you.  The Ponte Fabricius, the oldest bridge in Rome leads to Tiberina Island where the Ghetto is along the Tiber River.  One of the gates to the ancient area still stands.

From ancient towers to an enormous square with an artistic Italian fountain; the Ghetto has a lot for anyone who loves architecture.  The area has museums both historical and art, where you can see things that you don't see in the museums in the rest of Rome.  There is something completely unique about this neighborhood.  There are pedestrian streets and old buildings.  It's a very historical neighborhood.  And, did I mention, it's far more quiet than most of the rest of Rome.  It's a little known section for tourists.  Most of the people you see while in the Ghetto are locals.  So, strike up a conversation, because they have some great history and culture to share with you.  I promise.

The synagogue is one of the largest from the ancient world, with a dome that at one point was the largest anywhere.  It still falls in the top 20 or so.  It was completed in the early 1900's as it stands today, but the temple itself has been there in one form or another much longer.

Whether it be the museums, the synagogue, the shopping, the architecture or the food; the Jewish Ghetto of Rome has something for you.  It opens your world to a culture that may be a little foreign to you.  You may learn that now is not the first time that people of different cultures lived side by side in Rome.  You might discover what I've always known; that the off the beaten path style is a great way to travel.  If you want a little space from the crowds, and want to see something unique.  Come and spend some time in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome and enjoy!,1301821780765558,kwd-81363867607840&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NEW-BING-Italy&utm_term=top%20italy%20tours&utm_content=italy%20tours%20(broad)

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